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Hayley Cassatt


Hayley Cassatt is a Portland-based Artist, Illustrator and Creator.  She graduated with a BFA from CalArts in Valencia, California, in 2006.  She works mainly with watercolor, gouache and ink - but has been known to dabble in acrylic, polymer clay and resin. 


Hayley currently works in freelance illustration, window painting for local small businesses, and also manages an online store for prints and jewelry. 


Her fascination with narwhals sparked in 2008 when she discovered that their existence, though magical, is very real.  She felt compelled to make them the focus of her illustrations, and has been incorporating more creatures ever since. 


Hayley's work also pays tribute to her late father, Chris Cassatt, who worked as a photographer and cartoonist in Aspen, Colorado, and helped with the newspaper comic 'Shoe'. After his passing in 2013 Hayley started an Instagram dubbed 'Deep Thoughts By Andy’, in which she posts photos of her beloved cat Andy sitting in Hayley’s front window, with thought-bubbles over Andy’s head, as an homage to her father’s memory. Andy's puns are enjoyed by pedestrians wandering the streets of Portland’s Southeast side. 

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